Moltex Nature No.1

How does the cellulose in MOLTEX nature no. 1 differ from that in conventional nappies?

  1. 100% chlorine-free
    The cellulose in MOLTEX nature no. 1 is environmentally safe and bleached without chlorine. Instead of chlorine, it is bleached with oxygen and oxygen compounds (peroxide and ozone). TCF-free bleaching is performed without the aid of chlorine compounds and thus minimizes environmental pollution. The absorber in MOLTEX nature no. 1 contains absolutely no chlorine.

  2. All raw materials used are 100% renewable
    100% of the cellulose in MOLTEX nature no. 1 comes from certified sources. All of the wood from which the cellulose is derived comes from sustainably managed forests. Our suppliers guarantee that they grow or are supplied with trees cultivated in natural ecosystems and that they make every effort to conserve protected biotopes and protect endangered animal and plant species

Is the clothing protection film in MOLTEX nature no. 1 breathable?

The clothing protection film is air and water-vapour-permeable. Tiny pores in the material release water vapour formed by liquids in the nappy into the surrounding atmosphere. This ensures effective temperature control and comfort. The clothing protection film also provides effective protection against leakage.

What is so special about the non-woven cover layer in MOLTEX nature no. 1?

The covering layer consists of 40% renewable raw materials. Dermatological tests confirm the compatibility of the material with human skin.

Does MOLTEX nature no. 1 contain natural latex?

MOLTEX nature No. 1 contains absolutely no natural latex. Natural latex contains proteins which can cause allergies. Because MOLTEX nature no. 1 contains no natural latex, the risk of allergic reactions such as those caused by natural latex is eliminated.

Does MOLTEX nature no. 1 contain perfumes or lotions?

No. MOLTEX nature no. 1 contains absolutely no lotions or fragrances. A natural tealeaf extract is used to neutralize odours instead.

Is there empirical proof that MOLTEX nature no. 1 is compatible with human skin?

MOLTEX nature no. 1 is has been tested for compatibility with human skin in a number of empirical trials. The results of these trials clearly demonstrate that MOLTEX nature no. 1 is highly skin-compatible and gentle to the skin.

Why does MOLTEX nature no. 1 contain absorbent gel?

  1. Health consideration
    The absorbent gel in MOLTEX nature no. 1 stores the urine released by infants and keeps the skin protected by the nappy largely dry. That is very important! Urine is subject to bacterial transformation processes and quickly develops a strong odour of ammonia through a process in which urea is converted by enzymes into ammonia and carbon dioxide and the originally neutral to acidic urine turns alkaline (pH approx. 9.0 – 9.2). 
    When ammonia is formed from urea, the alkaline urine assumes a significantly higher irritation potential. One possible consequence is nappy dermatitis. Absorbent gel is one of the most thoroughly tests materials in nappies and has been found to be totally harmless. The studies conducted to date clearly show that saturated absorbent gel poses no health hazards whatsoever – even when in direct contact with the skin 

  2. Environmental considerations 
    Although absorbent gels are 100% synthetic, their effectiveness as liquid storage media is so vastly superior to that of cellulose that the results of MOLTEX studies clearly indicate that replacing a portion of the cellulose with absorbent gel makes good environmental sense. Practical tests with nappies containing no absorbent gel have shown that nappy consumption – and thus the volume of waste requiring disposal – is significantly higher than that of MOLTEX nature no. 1 with absorbent gel.

How do you ensure that the raw materials used in MOLTEX nature no. 1 can be used without reservations?

MOLTEX nature no. 1 is produced entirely with raw materials which conform to the recommendations of the Bundesamt für Verbraucherschutz (German Agency of Consumer Affairs), the German food laws and the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) or which meet standards of purity as attested by company statements or test reports. The safety and compatibility of all raw materials have been confirmed by tests conducted by independent laboratories. An accredited expert attests to the marketability of the products in question.

Why is MOLTEX nature no. 1 white?

The use of brown, i.e. unbleached cellulose was discontinued in 2008. Consequently, we were compelled to find a different solution. We now produce MOLTEX nature no. 1 with 100 % chlorine-free cellulose – currently the most environmentally sound option available.