We used Huggies in the hospital and Pampers for the first month before receiving a pack of Bambo for our baby shower. I tried them out the next day and haven't looked back since! We have had no blow-outs and no leaks and overnight isn't an issue. They are light and flexible yet sturdy. The sizing is very accurate to what it states on the packaging. We also use the Bambo wipes and are very happy to be using environmentally safe products without losing any durability. They are an overall superior diaper and we are very happy with the product and recommend to everyone I know with babies in diapers!


I have been using Bambo Nature diapers since my baby was about 1 month old. I never wanted to switch to any other brand. The Diapers are very absorbent, soft to the touch, never have any leakage issues and hardly ever give my baby any diaper rash. That is a very big deal!


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