Welcome Moltex Nature No. 1

Moltex Nature no.1 is the product of over 60 years of know-how in diaper production and more than 20 years of expertise in the environmentally sound production of disposable diapers.

The Diapers:
Eco-Friendly diapers that come from sustainable origins, and environmentally friendly
production. They are made with 40-50% renewable raw materials and feature a 100% chlorine-free absorbent core.

These diapers are always dry to the touch! They feature a 3-layer no. 1 absorber for rapid liquidabsorption, the ultra-soft non-woven cover is made of 40% renewable raw materials, and use gentle tealeaf extract to bind odours.

They are ultra-comfortable and have an elastic waistband to ensure a perfect fit. The diapers
are noticeably gentle to the skin, have a completely breathable clothing protection film, and
contain no natural latex or fragrances. No unnecessary irritation of tender, sensitive baby skin.

No Chlorine – The cellulose in Moltex is not bleached with aggressive chlorine, but instead with oxygen and oxygen compounds (peroxide and ozone).

No Latex – Natural latex contains proteins which are suspected of causing allergies. So Moltex contains absolutely NO natural latex, which means that there is no risk of allergic reactions.

No Fragrances – Moltex contains no perfumes or lotions. The absorbent diaper surface is
instead treated with a natural tealeaf extract (which also serves as an effective odour binder).

What Makes Moltex Nature No.1 Eco-Friendly Compared to Conventional Disposables?
The manufacturing process is eco-friendly and the diaper is made with a unique unbleached
core. This means less chemical waste and water pollution! The nappy is made with as many
recycled raw materials as possible and the packaging is 100% biodegradable.

7 Great Reasons For Choosing Moltex:
- Excellent cutaneous tolerance
- Outstanding moisture protection
- Optimum freedom of movement
- Environmentally safe raw materials
- Secure adhesive tapes
- Perfect fit
- Fair price-performance ratio