Throw an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower!

There is no better time to start to think about the future then when you are preparing for the birth of your baby. And when I say “think about the future”, I mean both in terms of your family and this planet we call home.

What a perfect time to embrace a more eco-friendly mindset! Why not start by planning an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower.

Here are some thoughts and ideas to get you started!

1. The Invitations

You have a couple of great options here. The growing popularity of  E-Invites, with numerous websites available to help you design the perfect invitation. Or go for Recycled Paper invitations. There are a multitude of companies out there making
recycled invitations. Or, if you are creative, head to your local craft store, and make
your own, out of recycled paper, or bamboo.

2. Gift Wrapping

On those wonderful invitations you have sent out, encourage your guests to think of alternatives to those shiny wrapping papers. Get creative, use baby blankets, recycled craft paper, baby towels etc!

3. Gift Registry

Why not register at an Eco-Friendly Baby Store, and be sure to include this website for the world’s best eco diapers!

4. The Food and Table

Introduce some wonderful organic treats for your guests, and use real plates. Yes this definitely adds to the clean up, but keeps the Styrofoam out of the landfills!

5. Recycle Bins

Have these available for your guests

6. Guest Book

There are wonderful choices for recycled Guest Books that look absolutely beautiful. From Textured Cotton, to recycled Parchment Paper.

The most important thing to remember is to be creative, have fun, and rejoice in the fact that you are starting this new journey by choosing consciously both for your baby

and for the earth!