6% of Waste in Landfills comes from DIAPERS!

Disposable Baby Nappies are a Parent’s best friend, but one of the Earth’s worst enemies. It is estimated that 6% of all waste in landfills comes from disposable nappies. That’s a lot!

That’s why making the choice to switch to Bambo Nature Baby nappies is both good for your baby and better for the environment. Bambo Nature has more eco-certifications than any other baby diaper in the world.. Bambo Nature is committed to providing your little bundle of joy with the highest quality baby nappy, while leaving this world a better place.

We want you to feel safe and secure when you choose Bambo Baby Nappies. It’s taken 30 years to achieve the world’s highest certifications, and that means we can meet an even higher standard….Yours!

Bambo Nature is the best choice for families who care about this planet, as well as what is next to their baby’s skin.